Benefits to Buyers

Reduces Risks

Using a SPE member offers peace of mind. All SPE members have to adere to a Code of Practice which stipulates that all members must meet the required standards of experience, proficiency and commercial experience.

Contract Ready

SPE Members are the suppliers most likely to meet buyers’ qualification criteria. Because many of these criteria are in SPE’s conditions of membership buyers can be confident that SPE Members will meet their supplier conditions.

Independant Mediation

SPE’s Mediation Service for resolving disputes is FREE! Buyers and Members benefit from SPE’s FREE ‘Independent SPE Mediation Service’ in the event of a dispute with an SPE member supplier – at no cost(a charge applies if a site visit is required). This is only available to clients who buy from SPE members and to SPE Members.

Financially Sound

An SPE Members must be financially sound so as to meet tender criteria. Buyers will know that to be a member, SPE Members must be financially sound enough to be on clients’ tender lists.