Jason Bowers, SPE Chair

A major piece of news from Sport England this week is extremely positive for Sports & PE in secondary schools.

It has been announced that £13.5m is to be invested in a PE teacher training scheme for secondary schools between now and 2021.

It has been 10 years since we have seen this level of investment into Physical Education at secondary schools and I am sure it will be welcomed with open arms.

One of Sport England’s primary aims is to make PE a more positive experience for everyone; research carried out in 2015 found that 19% disliked or hated PE at school.

This needs to change and one of the ways they hope to do this is by offering a wider range of opportunities and focus more on the benefits of PE as an enjoyable experience. This way, the next generation have a better chance of being active in their adult lives.

Every day seems to throw out a new story about kids being obese, kids being inactive, kids not getting the recommended daily 60 minutes of physical activity. For me, and I am sure for you as members of the Sports and PE Association, it is great to see such a positive story for a change.
Physical Education should be at the very heart of school life and it is no surprise that schools that deliver PE well often have impressive academic results and OFSTED ratings.

The training is being offered through 150 Teaching School Alliances with 50-75 a term working with Sport England. The aim is to give all schools the opportunity to get involved between now and 2021.

For more information on the scheme e: sportengland.teachertrainingscheme@sportengland.org