ABI Databuild

 Logo : Barbour ABI  ABI Databuild gives subscribers a weekly analysis of all UK planning applications so members can gain a real head start with tenders and contract leads for business opportunities. FSPA members receive over 50% discount.

Debit/Credit Card Transaction

 Logo : Streamline  Streamline (part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group) is the leading provider of merchant accounts in Europe. They handle around half of all card transactions, so you know you can be confident of a first class, reliable service. Excellent rates have been negotiated with the Federation and are now available for FSPA members.

Business Support Helpline

Logo : Croner    A free service to members who can obtain advice from qualified professionals on tax, VAT, PAYE, payroll, employment & personnel, health & safety and legal & commercial issues.


Logo : afPE Business Associate  SPE are members of the afPE. As a business associate member of the afPE, SPE gain access to a number of benefits including Advance alerts for exhibition opportunities at afPE conferences, seminars and CPD events.

Code of Practice

  The SPE Code of Practice is designed for best value with fewest risks. Members benefit from having a well-defined Code of Practice designed to deliver best Value to clients and minimise all risks to users, clients and SPE Members. This could help reduce litigation risks.

Industry Meetings

  As a trade association, SPE provides Members with useful networking opportunities. SPE holds 2 meetings every year which all members are welcome to attend.