SPE is the lead trade association for companies engaged in the supply and installation of sports hall, gymnasium equipment and portal sports equipment. SPE member's are dedicated to offering quality in both products and service offering buyers great peace of mind and all products adhere to the relevant safety and manufacturing standards. 

SPE is delighted to be able to offer any applicant who is successful in gaining funding through the Sport England "Inspired Facilities" Programme with a 10% discount off products purchased from participating members. 

Putting together your Inspired Facilities application:

  • As part of your bid, you will need to put forward a budget of equipment requirements. Use the SPE sports goods search to identify products that suit your requirements then you can work out the price including a 10% discount in your application.
  • Need a bit of advice? Our member's are experts in their fields, so can help advise you on the type of product that you might need. If the project is bigger, they can also help you manage the capital building project from the outset
  • Submit your application to Sport England

Application Successful?? Making your purchases 

  • Use the SPE sports goods search to see a list of companies that supply the products you have funding to cover*.
  • Click through to the relevant member’s website…
  • Some members have E-commerce sites where you can enter your Sport England application code to automatically apply the discount, other companies you need to complete an order form or ring to place the order again quoting your Sport England application code. 
  • Refer to the member’s individual member’s for payment terms and delivery options
  • To ensure your equipment remains in good condition and is safe for all users, please refer to your manufacturers maintenance instructions. Additional information is available on the SPE website maintenance page or from the relevant National Governing Body. 

*SPE members cover the following sports … For sports not covered in this list; please refer to the NGB in question for a list of recommended suppliers.

Why use a SPE Member

  • Reduces Risks- All SPE members have to adere to a Code of Practice which stipulates that all members must meet the required standards of experience, proficiency and commercial experience.
  • Contract Ready- SPE Members are the suppliers most likely to meet buyers’ qualification criteria because many of these criteria are in SPE’s conditions of membership. 
  • Independent Mediation- Buyers and Members benefit from SPE’s FREE ‘Independent SPE Mediation Service’ in the event of a dispute. This is only available to clients who buy from SPE members. 
  • Financially Sound- All SPE members fulfil our criteria for membership and are checked to ensure they are financially sound.

Further information 

  • Member Profiles
  • Contact SPE, Rural Innovation Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LG or call 02476 414999